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Well,not quite Cro-Magnon,this thing is REALLY OLD.and,Really Hand Built.

I found it in the second Ebay Purchase from the same people I got the 906 from.It is a real Slot Car Junk Yard,and,mostly from the very early era of Slot Car building.

I almost fell over when I picked the body out of the box of bits.This is really light I says to myself,and,turning it over,I quickly discovered the reason.IT'S BALSAWOOD..Yep,it is a Genuine Hand Carved Balsa body from the early days of Slot Car racing.

What is it you might ask,well,probably one of the most carved Balsa cars from that era,a Mercedes 300SLR.It is quite crude,but,the proprtions and shape are reasonable.It could have done with a lot more sanding and Filling,as,it is very Lumpy and very Grainy.

About an hour later,I decided to go digging in the box again,and see if tere was a chassis to go with it,and,Lo and Behold,the chassis is there.Very much in the same build quality as the body,really quite crude,being hacked and bent out of flat Aluminum sheet,with lots of Epoxy and nuts n bolts holding all the bits together.

There is no motor,or Guide assembly,the wheels are Press on Plastic.

This is going to be a real interesting restoration,and,it is going to take all my internal fortitude,not to"Improve"this as I go.I have done lots of restoration on full size British cars over the years,and always had a good Eye and Feel for"What not to Touch"I hate over Restored Too Shiney Pebble Beach 99.999999999999Point Restorations.

Anyway,Pics in a few days.
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