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Hi All,
Having run a meeting based on the 1/24th Scale Hardbody Car Standards a few things came to light that really need revising.
I would like to propose the following alterations.

1. All current classes.
Increase the scale tolerance from the current +or- 2mm to +or- 3mm.
This is in proportion to the +or- 2mm permitted for 1/32 scale cars.
It has been found that a number of commonly used body shells are not particularly accurate which makes it very difficult to keep within the current +or- 2mm tolerance. This small increase will permit a wider range of bodies to be used to build more realistic looking models.

2. Grand Prix class GP3 - 1950 to 1960 Grand Prix & Indy Cars.
Reduce the minimum tyre diameters to - Front 27mm & Rear 29mm.
It is almost impossible to achieve the current minimums of - Front 28mm & Rear 30mm with the recommended Ortmann tyres. By the time they have been trued they end up at least 0.5mm under this size. It also brings the minimum diameters for the GP3 class into line with the equivalent era Sports Car Class (SP3).

3. Grand Prix class GP4 - 1961 to 1965 Grand Prix Cars.
Increase the maximum rear tyre width to 11mm.
This is nearer to scale than the current 10mm maximum and permits a wider range of wheel and tyre options to be used.

4. Sports Car class SP3 - 1949 to 1962 Sports & GT Cars.
Increase the maximum width to 72mm.
Since a number of suitable body shells have been found to be wider than the current 70mm limit this will permit a greater range of body shells to be used.

5. Ready to Run Cars.
Drop the current RTR rules from the CSCRA Car Standards as these seem to cause confusion.
All cars to comply with the current 'Scratch Built Standards' unless otherwise stated by an event organiser.
Replace the current RTR rules with the following statement.

Any Ready-to-Run car which fully complies with the above car standards will be eligible to race unless stated otherwise by an event organizer.
Event organizers may also choose to allow Ready-to-Run cars which do not comply with the above standards to enter, and may even have separate classes or finals for these cars, but must clearly define the rules they will be applying to such cars.

If anyone has any views on these changes or has any other proposals they would like to put forward please post them on this thread.

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Is the 3mm scale tolerance enough to allow for the fact that many kits of US cars are actually in the American 1:25 standard scale?

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Oh good, bomb fire nights early!
All sensible proposals in my humble opinion, you get [for what it's worth!] my vote.

Now wait for the fireworks!
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