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CSCRA rules 1/32 Front engined GP/Pre 72 Sports

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Hi All
Already posted this in an existing thread but has a wrong title so re-posting.
Its CSCRA rules 1/32 front engined GP and Pre 72 Sports car this Wednesday night, doors open at 7.30pm till before last orders.
As you existing members already know from the club news letter the society subs are now due, no increase from last year and still a bargain at £60 per year.
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A bargain indeed. I'll take two of them!

Its the turn of the front engined F1`s and pre 72 sports again this wed. and you never know I might actually make it this week, now that band rehearsals have returned to a sensible night and i now have a nice shiny new(expensive!) M.O.T. for the Volvo to keep the boys in blue happy. Usual start at the club and I assume usual finish in the pub, whatever that might mean after the last time(whatever did happen?)
cheers steve
I'll be there.
I might need to borrow a front-engined GP car if anyone carries a spare?

Should have a spare car for you Steve.
Sorry chums- i have to see a customer this evening- you know, one of those weirdos that ask you to do things for money. Ugh. I feel unclean.

Have a good race. Watch out for rozzers.
"What's your name, Sonny? Stirling bleedin' Moss?"
"No, Sir. It's John Dilworth, Sir. Capital Jay, little Oh, etc ..."

Don't sell yourself cheap, How.
I do have a criminal record. It's 'Peter Frampton Comes Alive'. But I havn't played it for a loooong time. Honest, Ossifer.
Criminal records aside, and we all have some of those, and no i havent played Wings over America in years either!, it was 32nd hard bodies tonight, and yes there were certainly some very hard bodies out there tonight. and that was just next door in the OO train section. Reports have it that they were actually racing their trains. Not a pretty sight, grown men racing their lovingly created models, wouldnt happen next door on the slot car track. No, we are a laid back bunch, that is til the flag drops then its every man for himself. No major dramas except for Allans K and B Mustang trying to deslot itself at every opportunity and hide under the bridge. I offered to rescue the body and take a mould from it and sling the rest of what was underneath it in the bin. Funnily enough he wasnt interested. Anyway here are the results from the British Jury


1.John Secchi(BRM mk1) 39.50
2. Steve Francis (Maybach spl) 35.55
3. Steve Kempson (Merc 196) 35.22
4. Steve Carter (Merc steamliner) 32.54
5. John Crocker (Vanwall) 30.11
6. Allan Feldman( 250f) 23.43


1. Steve Francis (Alfa t33/2) 40.39
2. Steve Kempson (312pb) 39.83
3. Steve Carter (gt40) 39.79
4. John Secchi (T70 mk3) 37.40
5. John Crocker (312pb) 31.84
6. Allan Feldman (Mustang) 24.15

It was a usual good fun night in North Finchley, plenty of practise for annual assault on Netley at the weekend, always look forward to a day in the sun( please Dick have a word) no one got arrested outside the pub(it must be Dilworths influence that makes that happen) and in two weeks we can all play F32 again, reliving our yoof when beer was a quid a pint, policemen called your sir, A.A. patrolmen saluted you and Nelson Gabriel was a permanent fixture in the Archers., damn, ive just trod on me glasses with that rose tint

cheers steve
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Hi All
Been a long time since we ran both these classes together so next Wednesday [11th April] night it's Front engined GP cars and pre 72 sports.
Doors open as usual at 7.30pm till late.
I won't be able to make it tonight. Sorry, guys.
Hope you have a good evening and I'll see you next time.

Sorry you couldn't make it tonight cos you missed some mega racing, just think of it "26 LAP'S IN 3 MIN'S"!!!!!!
It is good to see that you guys are enjoying your racing nights.

I hope to join you in May (I will be in London from May 12th (arriving at 20:00 at Luton) to May 17th (leaving at 19:00 at St. Pancras), if there will any activity on (or is it in ?) these days.

Most probably I will visit England during the whole month of November.

Maybe I can convince Mr. Dilworth to do a 1973 to 1975 f1 mould (resin, glass fibre, vacuum form, whatever it is).
A Embassy Lola-Hill or a Ferrari 312 b2 or a Iso-Marlboro or ...

As we say here, dreaming is free !

Take care !

André Acker.
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Hi Andre
On the 12/13 June there is a D3 retro meeting at NLondon, I am sure John Dilworth will be attending along with most of the Wednesday night people.
Have fun
Hi Andre

The Iso Marlboro is a pretty horny looking beast! You can get a 312B2 from various sources, can't you? But let me know specifically what you need- vacform or resin, what chassis rules etc. I can try....
Hi All
Not had this class for a while, it's 1/32 front engined GP and pre 72 Sports, good practice for a possible late September "MRRC Revival" meet?
Doors open without fail at 7.30pm this coming Wednesday night till just before last cocktails are served.
Try and get in early to secure quality pit and parking places!
I won't be able to make this one, guys. First I've missed in quite a while.
Kate and Danny are heading down to Devon and I have duties to perform.

See you next time, hopefully with Dennis 'Gascarnut' in tow.
Sorry you can't make it Steve.
Looks like we might be down in numbers compared to our recent massive turn outs! probably due to the holiday season.
Whoever wants to bring along there "run what you brung" cars for the retro meeting at the end of September can do so, a good chance to get them sorted.
It'll be a 'Run What You Can Mooch' meeting for me. Friends! Pals!

Have a good mooch then!
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