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I didn't bring my camera out whilst all the muck was about so here are some photos whilst it's drying.

I got the glue gun out and stuck down the railings in some of the infield areas.

I mixed up some white PVA glue with water and added brown acrylic paint.

I painted on top of the rocks and on the banks and next to the track - masking off the borders with masking tape.

For the large flat area, I used a grass mat.

Right now I have two grass types, a coarse (wood chip) light green that looks horrible fluorescent and a meadow green that is (too) fine. I need a medium green to blend the two and to fill in the gaps. I'm going to ad shrubberies to fill in the gaps here and there.

I'll add more mat on the exposed (flat) wood of the table.

I'm going to add trees to soften the overall effect.

A look from one side to the other.

I like the walls over the bridges with the rails on the inside. The rails are there to protect the cars and the scenery from the cars. The walls make it look more real and one day I might put up some advertising on them anyway.

A little vacuuming to be done

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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