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Hi guys

Sometimes I wonder why I agree to some jobs...

I was asked to build a couple of helmets for a collector here, to replicate the real drivers helmets, but in 1/32 scale!!!!

How hard could it be... mmm. Well, a few hours later, and some very crossed up eyes.. This is the result.. Apologies for my el cheapo Digital Camera, am hoping to get good quality Pics from the guy who I made them for..

Question. Will I do this agin?
Answer. Umm, not sure, maybe in a few years time...

Cheers for now

Big Al
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Big Al

Brill - look forward to seeing the improved pictures.

Is it all paint or did you make your own decals.

I painted the 5 helmets on my MG Lolas - it was a terrible job but improves the look of the cars no end. I didn't have the facilities to make decals at the time but now I have I don't think I could make the images small enough with the PC/Printer combo I've got.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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