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Hey Mr Flippant,

we seem to think alike. I just finished my McMissile some days ago. I put a PCS chassis beneath it and some BRM wheels.

Btw these cars are done by Mattel, and advertised as Pullback racers, sized 1:34. I've seen them quite wellpriced in US and CA.

When comparing McMissile to a 1:1 DB5 sizewise (length, width and wb) I got some different ratios, though. Length was about 1:35, width 1:28 and wheelbase spot on 1:32. As Cars cars do not quite follow 1:1 cars dimensions, I take it these toys are about 1:32.

Here's a picture next to a (yet unfinished) Proto Slot Kit Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta:

I have plans to do a Tow Mater later this summer, not sure yet of the McQueen or Bernouille cars as Carrera will do them better probably (Scalex won't sell them over here). These Mattel versions have stickers and it shows.
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