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Custom Decals

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(First of all, my apologies if I've posted this in the wrong forum)

I want to do some custom decals - rally plates and number boards, to be specific. I've checked places such as Patto's and no-one seems to do the stuff I want, so I'll have to do it myself.

I started by copying JPEG images off the 'net and re-sizing them. The trouble I'm having with that is that by the time I get the images small enough, they've lost most of their definition.

So, my questions are;-
1) Are there any write-ups on DIY decals here for IT-illiterates, such as myslf?
2) If not, is someone able to tell me what format I should be working with the images in, what software I need to working with and where I can get that software?

I could attempt to design my own decals, but I'd still need software I don't have plus a heavy dose of both imagination and artistic ability - which I'm lacking in. I'd be prepared to attempt it if someone could tell me, please, what is suitable software for designing decals from scratch.

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If you paste your images into microsoft Word and resize them in there they do not loose any definition at all. They can be Jpeg, BMP or whatever you have. The ones I did for the Broadspeed Escort were done that way and came out really clear. You can organise them easily on one page and print them out all at once.

If you're still struggling with how to do it that way drop me a PM and I'll explain the process.
Try copying the image into Microsoft word (click on Insert, Picture, From File, you then select the image from the explore box)((you may even be able to copy it in Inkscape and paste it into word??)), if you resize it in there (right click on the image, select Format Picture, then size, type the size you want into the height/width box) it will resize on the page and will not pixelate when printed.

There are other ways but this is simple and gives good results.

Good luck.
Sorry Stu, I know nothing about these vector and rasters images, ignore my suggestion, it will work with bitmaps and JPEGS. I have had good results using this, never stepped upto the next level, (I though Bob Marley in a Vauxhall was Raster and Vector..
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