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Custom Decals

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(First of all, my apologies if I've posted this in the wrong forum)

I want to do some custom decals - rally plates and number boards, to be specific. I've checked places such as Patto's and no-one seems to do the stuff I want, so I'll have to do it myself.

I started by copying JPEG images off the 'net and re-sizing them. The trouble I'm having with that is that by the time I get the images small enough, they've lost most of their definition.

So, my questions are;-
1) Are there any write-ups on DIY decals here for IT-illiterates, such as myslf?
2) If not, is someone able to tell me what format I should be working with the images in, what software I need to working with and where I can get that software?

I could attempt to design my own decals, but I'd still need software I don't have plus a heavy dose of both imagination and artistic ability - which I'm lacking in. I'd be prepared to attempt it if someone could tell me, please, what is suitable software for designing decals from scratch.

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Using the vector program will be worth while, you will be pleased with the results. They will be much sharper and you can draw or redraw any logo you need.
David: glad to see you are converted!
Miveson has just made some vector rally plates for the SCX Rally you may be able to convert them' the link is on the SCX Rally thread.
If you have the decal in Inkscape copying it into Work will only make things worst! Incscape is a vector program that uses straight line and curves not jagged edges( pixels) like Word.
I assume you have pic in the decals, I assume the original is just too small or very poor resolution and that you are trying to enlarge it?

I start with the largest image I can find then either trace it or redraw it, it can than be resized with no losses.

A pic of what you are trying to do would help us see what you are trying to do.
There is some great tutorials on decal making availbale on the Alps and Alps decal groups in Yahoo.
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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