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I have had an enquiry to build a custom slot track apx. 3m x 1.5m for a corperate client.

The client wanted a reliable (preferably routed) custom slot track.
Also some custom car modding work doing.

The enquiry came through our website
Our main business is skatepark ramp equipment, contests, and bespoke builds for extreme sport events / stunts. We built a routed track in our workshop offices for our xmas party and some regular fun after work, so a few pics went up on our website.

As much as i would dearly like to do this job (as slot track building is a hobby of mine) it is not possible as June & July are our most hectic months of the year and we are all working to our maximum. The client was looking to have the track around the end of June.

SO - as i know several of you are more than capable of doing this project, i thought i would put it out on the forum, as there will be some of you guys i may not know about.

Please reply to the tread or PM me for more info..

(i will add a couple of pics of my track in another post)

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