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I work in Focus DIY so I get bargain discounts on proper Loctite (sponsers of which F1 team?). I hate that gel glue because it doesn't run everywhere. You have to aply it before putting two surfaces together, whereas the liquid stuff will flow down between them
. Also, the gel is actually in a tube, and the two "ears" simply do a less efficient job than two fingers. Consequntly, you never get the last bit out, and end up with bleeding fingers 'cos you squeezed so hard.

The brush stuff has been available for ages, and for the same amount of glue (5g) it is more expensive than tubes or regular bottles with spouts. The "always stand up" bottle is again more expensive than the little brush bottle even though they have the same amount of glue.

Interestingly enough, the glue in astro's photo is the most expensive item per kilo that we sell at Focus, weighing in at £798.00 per kilogram

Well that's all for this week's DIY factfile, same time time next week.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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