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D Type Jaguar Wheelstand

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We were video the cars to see what was happening as they entered the tri-oval part of the circuit.

Now after a week of racing the kids have laid down quite a few laps and the surface is giving us a nice balance of sliding through the turns and excellent grip levels if your having a race.

The routing of the grooves for this circuit are a little different. The lanes are not an exact radius but more of a racing line over a much larger turn. Sort of a turn in and gradual tightening to the apex and then you can feed in full throttle as you begin to exit. So the younger kids can go flat out on the outside lane..just.. on twelve volts and the bigger, more? skilled children can race them on the inner lanes while all the time having to watch wheel spin which loses time and of course crashing. Constant flat out speeds are not possible on the inner two lanes at 12 v.

But little fella kept saying "wheelie" so we put a video camera on the track. I did look as if the Jaguar was wheel-standing out of the fastest corner as you give it full power for the run through the tri-oval. The bigger cars seem fine.

Its right at the end of this video. Only about 40 or 50 secs.


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Nice bit of power sliding, not sure the sound matches the Jag though..
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