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Hi guys,
With this years D3/Tottenham festivals done and dusted it's time to look at next year.
I assume those of you that do D3 will be up for running a meeting again?

One thing that really did come to light at Newcastle was the major differences in the various rules packages.
To solve this it has been proposed that we adopt the rules of the IRRA. Link
With this in mind I have started a thread in the CSCRA section of the forum. Link
Please take a bit of time to read this and the IRRA rules and post any comments you may have.

As a quick summary for us at Wellingborough it would mean;
Can-Am - No changes.
F1 - Wider chassis permitted and wider front wheels to be fitted. (Slot.It wheels and Zero grip fronts will be perfect)
Saloon - Completely new class for most of us but David F and Steve T both have suitable cars already.
Tottenham Sports - No changes.

Talk with you all soon.
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