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D3 CanAm

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Hi All
Back to the popular D3 canAms this Wednesday night, hope to see more of the regulars that have missed the last couple of race nights.
Doors open @ 7.30pm till late.
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Numbers have been a bit down of late but last night we were back to a healthyish(!) 8 for our D3 Can am night. Thanks to John Crocker for another rent-a-drive and especially Theo and Cesc for cheering me up by the time we got to the pub to watch the highlights, listening to the first half on the way up to the club was very painful. It was good to see Howmet again after his enforced absenses through illness, Anyway here are the scores for the night,
1. john secchi 33 laps
2. steve lowrider 31 laps
3. john ovens 29 laps
4. cliff bicknell 28 laps
5. steve francis 32
6. john howmet 29
7. john crocker 28
8. allan feldman 25

see you in two weeks, F.1. i think
cheers steve
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Absolutely great night's racing. Good to see everyone looking shiny and well, though a bit stunned by how fast the Secchimobiles ripped through the traps.
How does he do it?

I'll probably have to skip the F1 meeting I'm afraid though- previous engagements. I'm going to miss it all even more badly now.

See yez (or most of yez) in a munth. Put your orders in now.
It was great to see you too John after such a long time.

Mr Secchi's speed? I think he's just very, very good - and the rest of us have to try much harder to catch him.
Perhaps more nerfing is the answer?

I see that this thread has been thoroughly tested and, I assume, approved by Mr Secchi. Time to bring it out into the open air again ...

D3 CanAm cars at North London again next Wednesday evening.

Let's see if Cliffy can strike twice?
WELL, i hope you all had fab fastgo slowspeedfest of a night at wacking HQ!

Who made the slowflow MEGA final? bet jett Cliff did the business as usual and showed all you "can't make a final"" snailracers the way!

Waiting to get back and get me TAIL kicked by you PROBOYS!

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Hi all
Back to the popular CanAm this Wednesday night, get the cars sorted for next weeks Timaru open meeting.
Doors open at 7.30pm till the cocktail hour!
I should be there, and I'll make sure I keep out of the way of everyone's nice Tiramisu cars. Should be a piece of cake!


You shouldn't trifle with these important matters, Moo. It'll be good to see you- I'm up for Weds.

I'm glad that John mentioned the Timaru meeting on Sunday.

CanAm and F1, £5 covers both classes and includes free tea and coffee all day (subject to 'fair use' policy!).

Several Timaru built D3s are now built and there should be a lot more by Sunday although we are a bit short of F1s!.

Practice starts at a leisurely 9.30 for a couple of hours, no need to rush!

Also the last day of the Dickens Week in Broadstairs so bring the family!

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John D Please could you bring the vac windscreen for the Hussein I got from you.
Thanks Allan
It's D3 CanAm this Wednesday [4th August] night.
Doors open at 7.30pm till before last orders.
I should be there as well, now i`ve managed to pull the front of my car more or less back into shape, cheers steve
All being well you should have a couple of Timaru visitors in the shape of myself and Bill Jenner, both of us hoping that Mr Howmet will bring along a few bodies which will help pay for the beers!

We're aiming to arrive for 8 pm or I hope not very long afterwards.

I'll make a note of Mr Secchi's mobile and call if it looks like being much later.

Stan Kirk.
I'll bring my stash, Stan. I also have something for Steve W.
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