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D3 CanAm

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Hi All
Back to the popular D3 canAms this Wednesday night, hope to see more of the regulars that have missed the last couple of race nights.
Doors open @ 7.30pm till late.
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Phew! Well the 2011 D3 World Championship (and Kent) is over for another month, and what an event! I believe all present substantially improved their World ratings, and once again (brief trumpet fanfare from the Band of the Queen's Own Slot Racing Hussars) an ALL BRITISH Final.

As a trial run for next year's Olympics, Boris Johnson and Seb Coe will be delighted that the infrastructure of North Finchley stood up well to the influx of visitors, and police presence was absolutely minimal for once. No trouble at all was reported, despite an extended hold-up during the heats while facilities for filming were discussed. Some of the participants, keyed up after several minutes of intense training over the past year, began to feel the tension building inside the Finchley Slotdrome as the start was frustratingly delayed by the media. The film crews were eventually guided out in good order, and some of the leading competitors issued official apologies for the interruptions brought about by their increasing celebrity status. It's something we at North London will just have to learn to deal with over the coming months.

In the racing, untrammelled (and unslotted) ACTION was the order of the day, with some spectacular car-on-car violence, due no doubt to the unprecedented excitement over this World event. Two similar cars both painted eye-scarring luminous yellow, were repeatedly mistaken for each other as the drivers happily piled each other's racers into the walls while wondering why their own was being so unresponsive to the controller. Racing eventually settled down to a high speed rhythm to which your correspondent is totally unable to settle, and was put out of the heady heights of the 'C' final, either by a sudden loss of brakes on his throttle, or just a sudden loss of bottle. Fortunately it meant he was able to pack away his slot box in good time to secure the best table at the Crown and Pinion before the departing crowds made service at the bar impossible. This is certainly something that Boris and Seb need to deal with for 2012.

As it turned out, it was an All North London final, while the hairy-knuckled interlopers from the rest of the world were crushed out of existence one by one, and their crumpled and vanquished bodies turfed out into the night. Do come again guys. Secchi, Kempson and Musto claimed the top three steps of the podium, and their choice from Boris Johnson's official Olympic Escort Agency for the night (thanks Boris!- like your style!)

Surprises in the new World Rankings with Allan 'Chopper' Feldman in at no.12 with 0 points, Lord Velcro up to no.11 with 1 1/2 pints, other placings to be confirmed.
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Smash! Bang! Wallop!

Mick Kerr may contest your all North London final assertion, H, but everything else is pedantically accurate. Yes it is!

A slightly above average head count last night. It's always a great pleasure when friends travel to join us in the Retro NL Group.
Four racers from the Timaru club in Broadstairs, Kent and the always effervescent Mick Kerr from Wellingborough.

Lots of fun.
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As Howmet has waxed so lyrically about last nights D3 event i shall just leave you to mull over the results, but first many thanks to the gang of four from Timaru joining us for a great nights racing. Over cocktails we discussed that it is about time North london should make a charabanc trip to sample the delights of the Kent seaside. hopefully we will soon.

1. John Secchi 34.99
2. Steve Kempson 34.05
3. Chris Musto 33.57
4. Mick Kerr 33.03
5. steve francis 31.84
6. Alan Callaghan 30.
7. Stan Kirk 30.
8. Bill Jenner 28
9. Peter Shaw 29
10. John Dilworth 2 rtd
11. Alan feldman 13
Others better qualified can fill you in on the World rankings but that was the results from our corner of the Empire. What do you mean the world is no longer pink...............

A two week break for international duty and to digest the closing of the transfer window, well it is getting draughty!

D3 F1 on the 14th Sept. 7.30 followed by a late tiffin.

toodle pip, Steve
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Thanks for posting the last "World's" results, fab to see three paid up NLondon members in the top spots and well done to Mr Kerr as best visitor.
Good to see top world class drivers from all over Kent in attendence and we [as a world class club] must make an effort to visit the Worlds in Broadstairs soon.
Not sure what class the next "worlds" will be Wednesday week but i am sure it will be super fast with loads and loads of top national and world class drivers in attendance.
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D3 Can Am time again next Wednesday.
Steve Francis has informed me that he has drumming duties that night so unfortunately we'll be one charger less.

I should have a new Dragon Slayer chassis to play with if I can get it sufficiently toughened up in time.
Hmmm... Might have to have some tough scrutineering this week...

See you there, Low. Whenever Steve is away I finish one place higher.
Hi Chums
Wish i could be at the TOP MEGA ELITE NUTTA race on Wednesday night but will have to do with racing tonight with a load of MULTIPLE ISRA WORLD AND EX WORLD CHAMPIONS on a massive 8 lane WORLDS track at Roncole Verde the home of WORLD CHAMPIONS with not a traveller in sight!

Have a good one.
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Hope you had a good time, John. I thought we were ALL world champions these days?

CanAm night tonight.
Crank up those Falcons!

Sorry Steve, they are not at the same level of worldchampionshipness as the members of the most successful D3 retro club in Finchley!

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Yo- this is definitely the definitive world championship series, and I am currently no 3 in the rankings! Highest ever. No hurry to come home, John... I'm looking forward to my Knighthood, BBC sports personality of the year, UN spokesman appointment etc etc.

If I can just get Chris Musto and Lowrider to stay away next time, I could well be reigning F1 world champion (Finchley) of the week. How's that, suckers?
P.S. No random drug tests on the way home this week either. So no chance of my world championship standing being forfeited.
As noted earlier, a few of the regular racers were absent a week ago for different reasons so we were left with only the hardest of the hardcore this time around. Time for those present to harvest valuable points to help climb that championship ladder and continue their quest for World Domination!

For this night we adopted the format used at Wellingborough and Raceway 81 for the D3 Championship which, with a little bit of luck, will be including North London in 2012.
One minute qualifying counting laps and parts to seed the drivers followed by four three minute heats with all laps to count.

Q1: 11.43 laps - Steve 'Lowrider' Kempson
Q2: 10.76 laps - Chris Musto
Q3: 10.20 laps - John 'howmet tx' Dilworth
Q4: 09.39 laps - John Crocker
Q5: 08.57 laps - Allan 'GT40 MkII' Feldman

Q3-5 ran their heats together first with John Crocker pulling consistent totals of 27 laps. Allan had two 27 lap heats and two 28s and Howmet ran two 29s and two 30s.

Chris and I then lined up together. The racing proved a lot tighter than the qualifying might indicate.
Heat 1 went to me with 33 laps to Chris's 32. Heat 2 was a crash-fest with Chris on red and me on yellow. Chris halted his car to marshal me when I stopped over his lane in front of the driver's stand which either indicates a high level of sportsmanship or a finely developed sense of self preservation. He ran 31 laps to my 32.
Chris pulled a lap back in heat 3 with him on white and me on blue by running 35 laps for the highest total of the night to my 34. The final heat saw me on red and Chris on yellow with me starting a yard or two ahead of him on the track. After three minutes I had pulled out half a lap on Chris as we managed 34 laps apiece. I certainly felt the pressure over the last two heats as both of us ran clean races with no de-slots at all. It was tight!

P1: 133.64 laps - Steve Kempson
P2: 132.16 laps - Chris Musto
P3: 118.84 laps - John Dilworth
P4: 110.15 laps - Allan Feldman
P5: 108.35 laps - John Crocker

I ran a new Dragon Slayer chassis freshly constructed from an RGeo kit which worked well with an absolute minimum of tuning. Highly recommended.

D3 F1 in a week's time. See you there.
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What is the body shell in last post please
looks nice. Mike
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A Ti22 of some description, Mike. From one of the UK manufacturers if my memory serves.
I SHOULD have masked off the windscreen but unaccountably ... didn't. I feel obliged to apologize to Noose every time I show a photo of it.

I finished assembling the chassis very late on race day and simply pinned the first 'practice' body on to it that I laid my hands on.

Hi All
It's the last meeting of the year and it's D3!
Hope for a good turn, doors open at 7.30pm then later off for Xmas cocktails down the boozer!

Hope to see all the regulars.
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Sadly, that turns out to be the night I have to gather Howmets old and young from far-flung regions of the British Isles to prepare for the festive gathering at Howmet Towers.

Really sorry to miss you all. Have a great night and enjoy the cocktails. I will be with you in spirits.
Oh dear.
I find myself contractually bound to be spreading the spirit of good cheer and seasonal nuttiness to the good people of Laleham, near Staines, at something called The Angler's Retreat this coming Wednesday. First mid-week gig I can remember!

I'm sorry to be missing my second race night in a row. Looking forward to 2012.

Hi All
It's the first D3 CanAm of the year this Wednesday night, the track should be in reasonable condition for a good nights racing.
Doors open at 7.30pm and then later for refreshments at our usual tavern!
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