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D3 CanAm

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Hi All
Back to the popular D3 canAms this Wednesday night, hope to see more of the regulars that have missed the last couple of race nights.
Doors open @ 7.30pm till late.
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Sorry, deal me out, an evening of thrashing round a drumkit awaits.
Dr Steve recommends plenty of Neurofen, Mr Francis. Those drum kits are murder!

I've made this promise before, but... D3s oiled and polished, ready to roll. Se y'all Weds. Except for you, Steve, ya lightweight. Pah! Ever heard of a drum machine, eh? Eh?
Whaaat! drum machine? i can hardly bear to bring myself to say those two words. Shame on you H. for suggesting it.

Wait for it ...

"And you only have to punch the information in ONCE!"
(Boomp tish.)

I thank you,
I will be coming hopefully not crashing my D3 Can Am like my F32's
Regards Allan
Good turn out of nine racers for Wednesday nights CanAm race, that's six more than three!

A couple of possible new Wednesday night members showed and they seemed to enjoy the racing so expect to see them again, great to see Bob Hallums who also took part and made the top final.
Lowrider has the results and will probably post them when he gets a chance, its D3 F1 next.
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John is correct.
It was a good night of Retro CanAm at North London with nine racers present, including two first timers. Bert Haines for whom D3 represented a fairly steep learning curve but who seemed to be having fun, and experienced 1:32 plastic car racer Matt Brice who did very well indeed.

The track was still slightly loose having not had much running after a recent cleaning and while this made it more forgiving for those trying to unlock it's secrets, it made driving it up to 10/10ths a challenge. Results after four 3-minute qualifying heats, counting the best two heats of each driver:

Q1: 69.39 - Steve Kempson
Q2: 68.46 - John Secchi
Q3: 64.94 - Bob Hallums
Q4: 62.92 - Matt Brice (I did warn you he was good!)
Q5: 60.72 - Steve Carter
Q6: 57.62 - Allan Feldman
Q7: 57.46 - John Dilworth (Close!)
Q8: 56.94 - John Crocker
Q9: 36.16 - Bert Haines

Three final were run with two drivers moving up from each one.
'C' final:
P1: 30.42 (red) - Steve Carter
P2: 28.13 (white) - Allan Feldman
P3: 24.52 (yellow) - John Crocker
P4: 19.37 (blue) - Bert Haines
DNR: John Dilworth, who had an urgent appointment with a viola.

'B' final:
P1: 33.07 (white) - Bob Hallums
P2: 31.05 (yellow) - Matt Brice
P3: 29.11 (red) - Steve Carter
P4: 28.49 (blue) - Allan Feldman, his best run of the night was 29.24 on white during the heats.

The 'A' final became something of a crash-fest and I, for one, completed the three minutes with absolutely no idea where I'd finished. I had a couple of unforced errors in the first few laps and went around a lap down as a result. I thought it was all over for me but I pressed on thinking I might pull a place or two back. It was at that point that the real fun began with collisions and some unplanned marshaling incidents and I picked my way through the chaos as best I could ...

'A' final:
P1: 32.66 (white) - Steve Kempson, best run of night 34.84
P2: 32.38 (yellow) - John Secchi, 34.42
P3: 30.70 (red) - Bob Hallums, 33.09
P4: 29.66 (blue) - Matt Brice, 31.50

My lucky night was sealed when the leg end which is Bob, who had been running one of my spare cars, signed it for me. eBay here we come!

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It's back to D3 CanAm this coming Wednesday night, track should be in a better state than of late.
Doors open @ 7.30pm till late, then pub.
UKRRA CanAm, the class formerly known as D3, this Wednesday.

The UKRRA Retro series comes to North London over the weekend of 12th 13th May so this will be a good chance for anyone wanting to work on their Saloon, F1, CanAm or Tottenham GT cars in preparation for this.

I'm on vacation this week so I'll be there early to clean the track. Anyone wishing to help will be made very welcome.

Aww- Sorry Low. Can't do this week.

Have a nice holiday!
Hi All
How we doing?
Hope you NORTH LONDON RETRO RACERS will be doing the BIZZ to them not NLondon racers, i expect to see at least the 37 lap in 3 days barrier broken!
Hope all goes well, sorry i cant make it but its too nice here and still got loads of trophies to polish!
That's the plan, John.
See that big trophy at the back? I think you missed a spot.

Hi Steve,
I had hoped to come down this evening but unfortunately I can't now do so.
Shame John won't be there this weekend.
Do you have a time table for the weekend yet?
See you Saturday.
Hi All
Back to D3 CanAm this Wednesday night, track should be good due to fresh rubber from the weekends sideshow.
Doors open 7.30 till before the last orders bell rings.
I'll be there, John, with a couple of extra racers in tow if everything works out properly.
See you then.

Great to have visitors, just hope we have enough parking and pit area for them all!
Hi All
Back to D3 CanAm this Wednesday night, if we get anything like the massive turn out we had a few weeks ago it should be a top nights racing!
Doors open without fail at 7.30pm till late.
Dear All
Just a reminder to all members who still have not paid up there subs [were due April 2012] or who are having problems with payments that the treasurer will be at HQ as usual, I am sure he will be checking so now is the time to sort it or you will probably find you are no longer members!
You have been warned.
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