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D3 CanAm

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Hi All
Back to the popular D3 canAms this Wednesday night, hope to see more of the regulars that have missed the last couple of race nights.
Doors open @ 7.30pm till late.
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Perhaps I'd better pay a second time, just to make sure?

Hi All
It's D3 CanAm this Wednesday night, hope thing calm down and return to the more normal attendance as finding pit space for coach parties was proving a problem.
Doors open without fail at approx 7.30pm till late, track should be in a decent state after the recent clean and because I don't think it get much use between meets!
Away on our long-delayed holidays this week John. Sorry. I also have a pathological fear of crowds.
Have a great evening's racing, and drink an extra pint for me.
Fantastic turn out again tonight, get these numbers probably because they know they get to race and well!
Win for SK from SC from me in the final, Steve's the man of the moment with these D3 cars and should do well at the Rockingham 2nd round of the Nationals next month.
3rd round of the UKRRA World Championship shoot out at Rockingham, John.

Thanks for the compliment though. Any clue as to the cause of your car's problems yet?

Probably the driver!
Never as good as when I first built it and it's has a couple of knocks, been over it a couple of times but come to the conclusion that it's probably too light and flexible for our track, gonna have to build me another!
I need to plan ahead a little and having not made it to N. London at all this year yet I reckon Wed 17th is my last chance - is it still D3 Can Am (my favourite class)?

Stan Kirk.
Hi Stan, yes its D3 Can am but its wed. the 19th, cheers steve
Last Retro club night of the year is upon us. Retro Can-Am it is.
Hoping for visits from Timaru's Stan Kirk and local racer Cas, for whom a car is currently sitting in my slot box. Always a pleasure to see them both.

The current plan is to pick up Steve Walker along the way and drag him along as well.

We hope to see you all a little later today!

Stan Kirk.
Stan: Is that THE Steve Walker, multiple ECRA/BSCRA champion?

Luton SCC.
I believe so, Richard. Steve has visited us with Stan in the past.
Spare car for you too in my box if you fancy dropping down from Luton?

A great night last Wednesday with good friends.

L to R: Cas Iwaszkiewicz, Steve Walker, John Crocker, Allan Feldman, Bob Hallums and Stan Kirk.
Race report and more photos coming tomorrow.

Please note that next year this class will be renamed 'Retro Can-Am' to better reflect the realities in the outside world. Same cars, same fun, new name.

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QUOTE (lowrider @ 19 Dec 2012, 17:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Spare car for you too in my box if you fancy dropping down from Luton?


'lowrider': Thank you, generous offer but I had summat else on the night. Incidendally I race at Luton but live in Aylesbury, so Finchley is easy and quick (traffic permitting) to get to. I'll watch the NLSME 2013 calendar.

'gasowder' and Stan: Thanks for the Steve Walker link, spent some time gawping in awe at the chassis.


A little later than originally advertised, but here we go.

Seven racers wasn't a bad turn out with less than a week to go before Christmas and a large number of regulars unavoidably detained elsewhere. I'm sure most of them will be out on bail before too long. The track was still very slippery after we cleaned it two weeks previously so finding some grip was the first order of business while everyone arrived. Having Cas Iwaszkiewicz join us was a pleasure, as was seeing Stan Kirk from the Timaru club again with his friend Steve Walker riding along. Very happy to have Steve W. with us again. Bob Hallums was a further welcome addition once he'd stopped admiring the model railways and been tempted into playing with us instead.

Practice and the qualifying heats had a few bumps but nothing extraordinary. Cas had to change an axle in his borrowed car after a mishap that was not of his making. He and I both had technical issues in the heats but they were all overcome in time for the finals.

C Final:
30.12 laps: Cas - white
28.88 laps: Allan Feldman - red
28.84 laps: John Crocker - yellow

B Final:
32.57 laps: Stan - white
31.58 laps: Steve W. - yellow
29.60 laps: Cas - red
28.84 laps: Allan - blue

A Final:
33.85 laps: Steve Kempson - white
31.58 laps: Bob Hallums - yellow
29.85 laps: Steve Walker - red
29.84 laps: Stan Kirk - blue

This last race ended in a crash-fest with three cars off at a difficult to marshal corner when the timer expired so 3rd and 4th positions are debatable. Stan graciously ceded the final podium place to Steve W. after himself opting for the less favoured blue lane and leaving red for Steve. Stan is my Man of the Match without doubt.
Bob, Steve W. and Cas were using cars loaned from the Lowrider race box so car photos were taken after racing ended. I would have liked to have photographed Stan's car as well. Next time.

1st place centre, 2nd on left, 3rd on right - newly autographed!

Outisight Ti22R body on a Tony P 'Octopussy' chassis.

'Bodies 4 Beer' Lola with RGeo Slots Dragon Slayer 1 chassis.

'Bodies 4 Beer' Ferrari with Lowrider chassis.

Looking forward to lots more Retro Can-Am racing in 2013. A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all who raced with us this year.
Best regards,

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Hi Lowrider

Many thanks for the generous loan of a car for the night. Perhaps I'll need to build mine with a 1/8" axle. What do you suggest?

Anyhow, to anyone out there who is wavering, the wednesday night retro's are great fun. I understand that both NLSME calendars are being finalised and will be up pretty soon - I look forward to doing more racing in all its forms this coming year.

A Happy New Year to everyone.


Hope all you Wednesday nighters had a good Xmas and will be seeing you all early in the new year.
Not seen the new 2013 calendar yet so have no idea what crowd pulling new champio[PN]ships!!!
have been decided at the AGM but sure they will be pretty exiting!

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