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Timaru members seem to be shy in coming forward to respond!

We are slowly building up the number of D3 Can Ams and hopefully the same will happen for F1 although we do not race them regularly (yet). No one has built a Saloon yet.

We join up with N London to race these every now and again and 4 of us are going to N London for their normal D3 club night on Wednesday.

In general Timaru does not tend to travel well and have done so less since Graham Sampson has been incapacitated (hopefully surgery due very soon will improve) and Alan Callaghan decide to have a 'sabbatical' - although he is one of those coming to N London on Wednesday.

Timru would certainly be keen to have a D3 meeting and that should attract a reasonable local turnout. How much we can persuade people to travel further afield will be a different matter.

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