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Daddys Den extended.

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Having got back into this hobby earlier this year I've now had some more time to extend the track in the 'Den' (timber framed garage which is also home to my classic Cooper S).

running the modern 6 car PB, mix of analogue and digi cars,

Thought I'd throw some pictures up and say what would you do next...

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Thanks for the comments guys

Mr F, I've moved the lap timer sensor to the end of the return straight so's not to miss any laps but I'm happy to leave the lane changers with that possible risk of missing the sensor as it will mean you need to think more carefully for lane changing/pit entrance. some of my cars are not magless but they're older and have very weak magnets in them which means they're a lot of fun at the same time the modern mag cars are ideal for my young family and novice friends of mine.

Ember, well spotted.

Michael, my previous set up was without the big straight but did include split levels and I found certain cars, especially F1's didn't like the change in gradient much so this is a bit of a compromise, I've got in my head for scenery that this track has come from a converted airstrip or similar. The standard scaley barriers will be slowly replaced for more realistic scenery only where a real track would prioritise to have it.

Keeto, nice! I like the chicane in the main straight and am tempted to try and fit one into my main one or the shorter return one when I get some more track, R4's maybe.

Richard, you're welcome whenever, i'm off for a few days at present until next week, I need to see the latest on yours.

Capt S
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well spotted Richard, the technical infield section had been modified to the version you had a go on the other night, thanks for the maintenance tips.

I've got some R3's or was it 4's for that corner before the main straight coming so that should open it up nicely for a high powered blast, comparing nicely to the slower technical corners.

PM me about visiting times, most evenings are fine.

Capt S
Good observations Roadkill,
is this what you where hoping for ?

I think its great on these threads when people spot non scaley based items laying around in the corners of shared photo's and comment.

actually distantkiwi Richard was most helpful with a bit of track guidance, and very careful with my cars, i think he realised I didn't have a tenth of what he had so didn't want to risk damaging them, even the super resists!

Capt S
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1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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