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Hello everybody
This is the first time I write on this forum because some people on a french site said to me that on this forum (Slotforuim) there were some fantastic people which were knowing all about the technical issues regarding PB6. If somebody could help me it would be wonderfull.
My problem :
Just after I was swiching my PB6 for the first time in analogic mode it smokes (on the left) few seconds after the analogic mode was parametred.
I cut immediatly the power (2 psu) and after I had disconnected the wiring bypass I try again but no more power on the track.
The PB6 seems running because the menu was ok but nothing on the track.
I tried to parameter it to swich back in digital mode but now I have only the boot (085 firm) and after SAFE which is writted 6 times.
I open the box but nothing seems burned.
I suspect my problem was causing by my wired bypass on the track which were not respecting the number of the track (I have mixed connection between track one and track two, it was running well in digital mode but in analogic it could maybe induce electrical short circuit.
I was thinking to try to change the 8 mosfets but I'm not sure it could resolve the problem and I don't know what model of mosfet I need.
I don't know if some people are able to repair my PB6 because I'm not very easy with electronic and weld.
Thanks by advance for your help.
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