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Dapretto - The next three releases !

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I met Mr Dapretto at Igualada and persuaded him to let me photograph his next three releases, I saw pictures of more to come and have to say I was impressed with this quiet, friendly and extremely skilled man from Italy..

In Order...

Ferrari 312P Coupe
Ferrari 312PB
Chapparal 2F

However, releases really are limited, being restricted to 10 of each at the most. if these are your cup of tea I suggest a fast preorder to your favorite dealer.
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Is that Chappy the first non-ferrari by Dapretto?

I wish I could afford to buy those. I guess I could afford to buy them, but would be too frightend to race them, and then what's the point?

Don't let me do it!! I am a terrible driver!! I will only crash them, better just stick to "cheap" slots. Help me sleep better.
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