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I know I've started a few false hares in my time, but I had a great time at the Brands Hatch Bank Holiday historic meeting, and met a very nice little car I hadn't heard of before. Daren Mk2. Scrumptious, and fully deserving of slottednessification.
I did a little interweb trawl and found lots of pictures, both in original state and the restored car I saw at Brands, but no hard core data. Anyone know wheelbase, width, etc? I suppose I could apply to the owners, but I'm a bit shy...
Might feel a bit o'whittlin' coming on....

Lovely line up in other races of Lotus 23s, Elva Mk VIIs, Brabham BT8, Cooper Bobtail & T61, McLaren M1s of all sorts... Made me very happy.

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A friend of mine ran a Daren in HSCC champs in the early '90s, I'll see if he has any info.
Might take a while as he's not into computers, is hard to get hold of on the phone, and as he lives 60 odd miles away its not just a case of popping round like I used to!
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