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Dave Jones Bodyshells

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I wasn't sure which section to post this but as most purchasers of Dave Jones shells look in Scratchbuilding I thought this was the best place.

Dave has had his website and email crash and isn't sure when he will be up and running again.

Anyone who is trying to contact him about existing or new orders will have to phone him if they have his number or alternatively you can PM me through SlotForum and I will pass on any message to him.

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That's interesting David, as I hadn't realised he was back selling bodies.
He's never been away and is adding to his range on a regular basis.

His website has been "dead" for the last couple of years.
I sort of thought Dave was also
Hi Dave
My understanding was the dave had been unwell,and while he was sorting his health out he was not doing the body shells
However its good news now that dave feels well enough to carry on supplying his excellent shells
look forward to meeting him at a race meeting soon

Cheers tony
His illness was way back Tony and to avoid any misunderstanding that can spread far too quickly via the internet, he is fine and active with his painting, bodyshells and scratchbuilding.

Thank you for the tasteless remark Jeri.

Hi David
Gee Whiz honey
Well, don't get your knickers in a twist
No offense meant, but his website has been
inactive for a long time, I thought Dave became "inactive"

Your remark was tasteless, your reply even more so.

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Tasteless perhaps but made with the knowledge that the guy was quite clearly alive and kicking and producing bodyshells.
So perhaps not really tasteless but slightly mis-guided? Humourous or tasteless? It's all about perception.
I've purchased 5 shells from Dave Jones in the past 2 or 3 months and was lucky enough to have a friend send me another Dave Jones shell as a gift.

This won't be news to the experienced builders on this forum (I'm in the rookie/newbie class); Dave's cars are superb.

And he is incredibly supportive and helpful; the sort of person that makes me glad I've returned to this hobby after a very long absence.

All of my cars from Dave are 1.5L F1 cars:

1964 Brabham Climax
1962 Lola Mk IV
1962 Porsche
Lotus 18
Lotus 21
Lotus 25

I bought those cars thanks to recommendations from a couple of experts and seeing pictures of several cars they had built using Dave Jones shells. I too would like to see a complete list of the shells that Dave makes. Mr. Lawson, this is your cue.
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yes please, i too would like to see a list of his shells - i can't recall if someone had pointed out a list on a uk slot site at one time??

much appreciated

Hi guys

Like I'm sure a few other people did, I joined his website as I had looked to purchase some Dave Jones bodies over the past couple of years, knowing of their reputation, but then found that temporarily they were not available, so have never actually acquired one.

I had no idea he was producing them again. That is very good news and I'm pleased for Dave, it's good to have him back on track, as it were. Like Ron, I wouldn't mind seeing a list of the available shells.

Dave Jones' website has certainly been active this year as I've ordered using it - it seems to work a bit inconsistently, but that's presumably due to his service provider. And I would second Bigskybanker's recommendation of the quality of the mouldings, in my case 30s and 50s GPs - Jones' W154 Mercedes fits exactly on the 1/32 scale drawing I have - and they are also light which is good for racing. They require some modelling skills, as you have to add exhausts, steering wheels, screens, etc. but against that, they are extremely good value.

David Lawson was also extremely helpful in helping me to contact Dave Jones and answered all my PMs so maybe Slotcarmann could PM him too.
I should have written, all my Dave Jones shells are 1.5 L cars exept for one; the Lotus 18 of course was a 2.5L.
Some Lotus 18s ran with 1.5l motors.

Moss's most brilliant win was at Monaco in a 1.5L Lotus 18 in 1961.
About 5 seconds after I clicked SEND on my last post, I said to myself... Ah Mark, you didn't check the 1961 race results did you?

I was wondering how long it would take before I was corrected.

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I've long admired the Dave Jones bodyshells but thought that it was not possible to get them any more. As I am currently stuck in a time warp around the end of the 2.5 litre era and the beginning of the half tonners, this is indeed good news. I too would be interested in a list of available shells but will PM you to request 2 that I know of.

Many thanks

Apologies to all the people who have PM'd me, I'm not ignoring you and I will reply when I get the information you have asked for.


PS - Don't forget the Lotus 18 was also a Formula Junior in 1960 with a 1 Litre engine.
and could those of you who have done up some more of his body shells please post some pics
for us to enjoy! ? !

cheers, Ron
QUOTE (manitouguy @ 6 Aug 2010, 05:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>and could those of you who have done up some more of his body shells please post some pics
for us to enjoy! ? !

cheers, Ron

OK - Ferrari 156 Aero using Dave Jones Bodyshell:-

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