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Hi Marcus,

Luca - my partner for electronics - has covered all bases : cars are programmed on a separate track segment (to be conveniently located near the cashier
) and you have to insert a jumper on the decoder

This way, you can assign ID, reprogram throttle response curve and brake, even introduce a performance handicap

Since the decoder sits in the pod below the car, access is not an issue

BTW, about your other post on decoder connectors : I agree, and that is why on my track pods cum decoders can be swapped from a car to another just by loosening/tightening an Allen screw, the connection being both mechanical and electrical - the only price you pay is that, if you really want lights, you have to add a conventional light kit on the car

Ciao / Beppe

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Hi Beppe:

That's a relief! One less worry.

I like your idea of having an Allen screw connection -- that type of replaceability sounds very usable. In addition, I think that I'd prefer having the module be smaller, and just installing a separate light kit if I want it.

21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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