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It can be annoying when you have planned out a great night of racing beers and food and well you forgot that your maybe the only one that is really into racing and slots ,remember they will probably have an interest to and one day! payback is a b---h .But seriuosly it happens to many and you cant really blame them they dont understand the amount of money and time you may have spent on your said there are like minded people out there and persist long enough and you will find them or the otherway round .But you must come out of your shed,loft,spareroom where ever it is you race .whats the saying you can count your true friends on one hand Do what i did and organise a race meet and send invitations and and entry fee have prize money or trophy or both but in order to race you need your own car or they can rent one and half the rental fee goes into the pot for the winner, when money is invloved it tends to tweek that competitive streak.There are many ways to entice that spirit from drivers , but at the end of the day there are some that truly always will and have been the back end of a donkey!
But hey thats life
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