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Debug Level

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Hi Dave,

We used the RC on the track at our club (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil).
Sometimes, during a race, the RC does not turn on the master relay.
This weekend I will do a test and if the problem happens, I would like to send you the LOG file.

What is the best option to enable debug level in RC?
<debug, debug low, debug medium, debug high, info, warning, error or fatal>

And # Debug Cache Level?


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Just set the debug level to debug. That's good enough but you have to exit the race for it to write the log. What interface are you using? If its a parallel port that'll probably be your problem. I'll also likely have to walk you through what i need you to do to troubleshoot it but I 100% expect to see RC trying to deal with power correctly. It could be broken, but its really unlikely. Oh, and make sure you're using the latest release. If it is a bug you're going to have to update and I can't easily match logs to code unless you're running the latest.
Thanks Dave,
I use the latest version of RC ( with Arduino + LEDs NEOPIXEL.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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