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@ Collin (wraith): thanks for the tip on the laser printer, I just bought one today. Didn't do any test jet. Do you use the "Laser Water-Slide Decal Paper" from crafty for you print on the laser printer?

I did some test with my HP ink-jet printer (with original cartridges) on decal paper I've bought at the local model shop. The result was so poor, I even did all the print settings that where available and indeed with the photo paper setting I got the best result, but the image was still to poor. If you looked closely you would see that the ink would not stick to the surface and started to bubble up in very tiny ink drops, and all detail was lost. Perhaps it was due to the quality of the paper, because the surface was very smooth. So I tried sanding it a little to give the ink a rougher surface to stick on. It improved in quality, but was still to poor for my tasted.

Has anyone had any experiance with the decal paper from that the e-bay seller mentioned in this topic?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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