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Decals . . .

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My source for decals dried up. Need a good decal maker. That said, these decals are of the simpler sort.

White roundels, with black numerals, will need three sets of four each, with three different numbers.

I can detail further to the person whose to make the decals, by supplying a photo of a car with the correct size roundels and numerals.

If you are a source, or know of one, please let me know . . .

Thanking you in advance . . .

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There's a lot of advantage to making your own decals, and it's really easy. I've tried a lot of papers and acrylic spray "fixers",
and would like to recommend to anyone who wants to try something new. I like their white and clear papers, but
especially their fixer spray which seems to have a tiny bit of talcum in it and does a very nice job of preventing that little bit
of "running" that can prevent really crisp lines and safeguards really tiny details.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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