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Decisions, decisions

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Now the kids are able to drive slotcars, 2004 was going to be the year I built a permanent track in the garage... I had thought of a routed track but knowing my diy skills and the time available, it would have either gone horribly wrong or never got finished, so it looked like Scaley Sport track... then came along digital...

Given the choice, what would YOU choose???
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If you fancy Sport track, then the advent of digital will affect you only a little.
Also bear in mind that Scalextric digital is the best part of a year from the shops.
The basic track will remain exactly the same, needing only lane changers if you choose to use them. Of course, you will then need digital control equipment too.
You can go ahead and build it and enjoy it, then add the digital equipment later, IF you really want to make the change. I truly wouldn't put off building a track for that reason, absolutely not.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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