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Deeper guides for Scalextric

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Does anyone know if there is a deeper guide available to fit standard Scalextric cars so they will run better on a routed MDF track ?
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Another option is the Ninco prorace N80111 guide. This is the one without the spring.
I tried the sprung one N80112 but it sits too high. The N80111 has a moulded in collar at the base of the stem.

I have only used these on the Camaro Glades version and the ride height of the guide is determined by the front wheel/tire diameter.
I am using the slotit 15" shorthub rims on the front and the 16.5mm shorthub rims on the rear.

The actual guide holder stem that protrudes from the chassis on the Camaro doesnt look very strong or allow a lot of swivel but it does work on my car on a flowing wood track.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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