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Deeper guides for Scalextric

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Does anyone know if there is a deeper guide available to fit standard Scalextric cars so they will run better on a routed MDF track ?
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You are talking about the circular easychange plate style guides they've been using for about 5 years? I despise these horrible little over-engineered shallow things and the reason why Scalex made them with braids too far apart for the track rails and with delicate wire connections.

I've read that SlotIt guides with long guideposts fit, but they do not.

The guidepost is the wrong diameter for replacement with every manufacturer's guides I've tried (Ninco NSR SlotIt Fly MBSlot) who do deeper guides. The only way to fit the ones with long post shafts is to either trim the shaft or drill out the guidepost hole. Either way the engineering weakens and in all cases the braid surface is too far away from the track so you don't get any deeper contact.

Hopefully, you'll find an answer that works.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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