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Deeper guides for Scalextric

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Does anyone know if there is a deeper guide available to fit standard Scalextric cars so they will run better on a routed MDF track ?
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Tifosi is right the Scaly C8420 "Rally Guide" is their best kept secret and a better solution for wood tracks than the standard arrangement it will however leave you with the same ride hieght forn the front of the car.
The ultimate solution is the B-nova scaly guide adapter 1/32 thickness (GM-02) and a Sloting Plus Screw fix guide (SLPL2131 or SLPL2130).
The B-Nova adapter is the invention of a man from across the pond by the name of Bob Novack, the adaptor is basically a sleeve that fits into the scaly guide post and also provides a platform for guides with a thinner back plate such as the 2131. Once fitted you will also be able to reduce the front tyre diameter and lower the front end for a better handling car.
The link below will take you to a host of imformation on where and how to get hold of them and more about what they look like and do.

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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