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Having just joined the ranks of the retired (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I thought I would start participating a tad more than before. While cleaning up some of the accumulated mess from my short stays at home (worked about 210 days a year on an ocean going tug boat), I came across these pictures of the track. Nothing has changed much since these were taken but hopefully I can put in some more time now. It is a two lane since I live far from the other people that I race with and one can only drive one at a time!!! It is just about a scale kilometer if I figure it right and an enjoyable drive. Hope you all enjoy!


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With that much space and view, I am surprised you would ever want to leave home!

Congratulations on your retirement... now on to some serious slot work, eh?


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Hi Howard me old mate, so you,v finaly dumped the tug and joined the
growing ranks of the retired, good on ya buddy.
Its great that first morning when you wake, the first thought you have
is " i wonder what time it is " !!!!!!!
The circuit looks great, i never knew you had that much room, i bet the
tyres of the cars have been reduced by around 1 MM by the time you
compleat a lap !!!
keep in touch buddy, good luck
Mac P

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Hi towboater

Your name makes sense now !

Thanks for the guide-blade tip in the car forum.
Track looks brilliant.
What are you going to do next to it, with your new free time.

Keep us posted on developments !


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