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I'm not sure of the actual dimensions but this track is about the size you asked for and was designed to be portable.
Rolling Meadows
Rolling Meadows new home

The track used is Artin but its an example of a great 4-lane design in a confined space you could make with any track brand. If I remember correctly, the main straight is 4m and the width is just over 1m so easy to marshall. You could add your pit area along the main straight. It would be easy to remove a few straights to cut the length but stil retain the overall design. I can't say how Ninco would fit but the design itself is a driver's track. Simple to learn but tough to master. And when you do, you run the track in revere direction to start again.

Some of us had a great afternoon of racing there yesterday using a range of non-mag cars from Ninco classics, V8 supercars up to Slot.It 956's with silicon tyres. The factor everyone commented on was the way the elevation and camber changes worked from a driving perspective as well as looking more realistic. They are steeper than they appear in the photos and typical of the Aus Supercar tracks. The different radii turns plus elevation changes rewarded good, smooth driving.

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