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First of all hi to everybody. I'm new at this forum

I'm busy designing a wooden track (probably an 4laner or maybe 6laner). But I want to keep my track within some regulations of some associations regarding the space between lanes, depth and width of slots etc. You never know when the track will or could be used for some competions between clubs or maybe some other races.

Does anybody got some rulebooks regarding the dimensions of a track or wich are the conditons to use a track for official competitions.

The used scales are 1/24 and 1/32. thats some quite important information i guess

thx !

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Hi Lasp,
ISRA website.
Page 9 of the Rule book gives the basic dimensions required for a 'World Championship' standard track.

You can also find lots of 'how to build a track' advice on the BSCRA website.

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