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Our Track

All info taken from Woking Slot Car Club

History of the track:

We are very proud of our track. It is a 5 lane wooden track with copper strips to conduct the electricity to run the cars. It was built by members of the Club from the summer of 1999 and first brought into use in April 2000. While no-one likes to admit it, Gary did most of the work (with lots of helpful suggestions and supervision from the rest of us!).

Track characteristics:

The lap length of the track is approximately 100 feet. All 5 lanes are the same length (for all practical purposes: according to the CAD design, 4 are identical and one is 0.2mm longer! We have not remeasured the final product to see if this degree of accuracy was maintained!).

Being wood and copper, the track is non-magnetic. This means that the strongly magnetised cars, such as those made by Fly, have no advantage over other makes, unlike racing on Scalextric type track with steel rails. The best cars are those which are set up and prepared with most care.

We use Parma hand controllers which are wired for braking (though controller connection is standard club 3-pin plug). Braking can be switched off if the driver prefers (but no-one ever does!).

Lap counting and timing is computerised using a programme written by one of our members. Our races are usually 18 laps in the qualifying heats and 25 laps in the final.

When the track was new, there was not a great deal of traction, particularly on the bends. As it has been used, deposits of rubber have built up, not only on the bends but also on their approaches (which is a striking demonstration of how well the braking system works). As deposits build up, so does grip, making it easier to hold corners. The track will be periodically cleaned to remove the rubber deposits - while the added grip is welcome, after a time the track gets too grippy and reduces the skill required to compete effectively.


Track design: Gary, with CAD from Chris

Track builders: Gary, Trevor, Chris, Alan, Nick, Spencer.

Race timer and track design software developer: Andy

Fund raiser, materials, equipment, and venue sourcer: Simon

Pictures :

Here are some (very old) pictures of the track , new ones will be added when taken though the layout is still the same.

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