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QUOTE (Spiritlodger @ 12 Nov 2011, 16:15) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>On Friday I escaped from the clutches of the NHS yet again

Good to hear you are on the mend Roy,
Take it easy,
best wishes.

C'mon DHORC, keep pushing for the 3rd spot. You never know, MARC may get a puncture.
Watch out for VDT close behind you too.

Keep pushing lads.

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Good to hear you are feeling better Roy.

Just been looking at the Ecurie twitter feed for some updates. They're 300 laps clear of 8th but 200 down on 6th so they're confident of bringing it home 7th. Shame they lost 6th over night.

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Bear in mind Gixxers had two of the Wrun guys driving for them at some point.

Looks as if everyone other than, perhaps, DHORC, raised their game a fair bit. Gary Skipp and co keep getting better and better, now they only have the almost stupidly amazing depth of WW to try and counter.

I was a bit disapointed for/with MARC last year, but this year they upheld the honour of teams from the States being a threat. They will be formidable in year 3...

VDT were top DHORC team for a while there, and of course it is not over yet...
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Wrun Wragged Set New World Record

Congratulations to Wrun Wragged for winning the 19th running of the DHORC Le Mans 24 Hour Race and with it adding 33 laps to the World Record leaving it at 280.350 miles

Right to Left back row Dean Wragg, Tony Baldock, Michael Ovens, Andy Abbott and Aaron Shearman
R to L front row Rob Heaton, Hannah from RRLA who presented the trophies and Steve Guard

Aaron also took Pole Position setting a new Pole Record of 11.53 seconds. The George Booth Pole Position trophy was awarded to Aaron by Tony who set Pole in 2010

The final standings were as follows

The event went incredibly smoothly, thanks to wonderful support from Alan Bullock, Steve Guard, Paul Levers, Lee Pateman, Adrian Owen, Phil Rees, Cliff Roythorne and Liam Smith

Thanks to all who made the event particularly to our seven racers from the USA

Here's to next year's event which will bigger and better than ever, celebrating 20 years of HO Le Mans
More info on next year's event will be provided in the New Year


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Another amazing event hosted by Derby HO Racing Club. Every single person involved has, once again, worked tirelessly to facilitate the competing teams with such a brilliant circuit and venue to go racing on. Tob job

The Carazing team thoroughly enjoyed the race-long battle with MARC and it was extremely rewarding for us to see this setiment mutally expressed.

Target for next year - 6000 laps. 5-4-3-2-1 is a tall order..

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Yes, a big thank you to Nick, Phil and the DHORC guys for putting on a brilliant event.

Also big thanks to Dave, Craig, Paul and Clive who raced with me on Écurie Anglaise. We had excellent fun racing and I thought we did a solid job as a rookie
team. It was a shame for us that most of the other teams had even better races

Clive's paint job was the best on the grid, I reckon:

Craig and Paul's excellent work as our media team can be found on our twitter feed.

I spent a few spare seconds shooting some video on Saturday night and will splice that in with Paul and Craig's pics from twitter and those that Nick has posted. It won't be as good as last year's offering, but I did have more to do during the race this time...


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Just reading back through the various emails and facebook messaged flying around during the event. In a fairly early one I explain to an American 'watching' that is if fairly common for big gaps to develop early, and that these tend to flucuate most, if at all, during lane chances. The changes are incremental, due to the unusual lane rotation, I explained, and tend not to happen at all later on in the event.

I have since noticed Gixxers bucked that trend big-time. OK, it is a fair bet Dean and Steve from WW did their 2 hours each during that climb, but it is still impressive.

Was the 34mm rule relaxed? AFX GT40s are wider than that....
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