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Thursday 10 November 2011

The track had been moved into the hall the previous evening

Initially we had to connect the new wiring loom Phil Rees and Alan Bullock had worked on prior to the event. It had taken them literally hours

Liam Smith and Cliff Roythorne worked on one piece of track…

….Alan Bullock another….

…..and Paul Levers another.

Once the track was together it took six hours to find a crossed wire!

Chris Defraine carried out a full Risk Assessment

Finally the track was complete and running

Time for home knowing the track would be ready for testing tomorrow

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Friday 11 November 2011

Gary Skipp and John Ovens were early morning visitors setting up Sports Carazing's pit

Free Practice started in earnest

Michael Ovens, Tony Baldock, Andy Abbott and Rob Heaton soon had Wrun Wraggeds pitch up and running

Phil Rees puts together the eight boxes of pits for each team in VDT's pit while Ryan Blake looks on

Due to the wiring problems on Thursday DHORC's 26th and final Club Night of 2011 was moved to Friday night. Here the eight cars line up for the first Qualifying race.

Jamie Sismey and Chris Keenan marshal the Ford Chicane

Phil Rees clearly happy managing Parc Ferme

Cars line up for the Adult 'A' Final

The Junior 'A' Final cars

Junior 'A' Final competitors, James Mellor, Zach Roythorne, Josh Lister and Ben Roythorne

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Thanks John

The Le Mans layout itself is only used once but some of the 8 foot straights are used during our Rockingham Oval and Rockingham Oval / Infield weekend in February. We also take the Rockingham Oval / Infield to the actual Rockingham Motor Speedway at Corby England for their two biggest race meetings each year for the general public to have a go. It certainly keeps us busy. So parts of the Le Mans track get brought out four times a year.

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Saturday 12 November 2011

Saturday started at 0800 hours with the track being cleaned, followed by signing on at 0900 hours, the compulsory drivers briefing at 0930 when practice lanes, marshalling posts and "chassis and spares" boxes are chosen.

Alan Bullock works on Allsorts car prior to practice

VDT team members look on as Ryan Blake sets up their chassis

Michael Ovens and Steve Guard set up Steve's back up lap counting computer

The back up computer ran for the whole of the 24 hours switching as the cars switched lanes to give an excellent view of laps and fastest laps for the drivers. With the long Mulsanne straight you had time to check your fastest lap and those of others.

Rob Heaton sets up Wrun Wragged's chassis

MARC learnt so much in 2010 which they brought to the 2011 event

Teams start testing at 1000 hours

The track gets busy for the first time

Beryl Bullock baked Allsorts a wonderful chocolate cake!

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The Teams

Allsorts - Jacob Pateman, James Mellor, John Chell, Terry Dingley, Andy Holliday and Alan Bullock

DHORC - Rick Burneson, Cliff Roythorne, Nick Sismey, Lee Pateman and Adrian Owen

Ecurie Anglaise - Clive Harland, Andy Player, Craig Homewood, Paul Homewood and Dave Hannington

Gixxers - Dean Wragg, Lee Miller, Ben Roythorne (Zach Roythorne and gone off to a party after Qualifying) Bradley Edge, John Fearn and Steve Guard

MARC - John Hubbard, Jonathan Reimels, John Reimels, Rob Hayes and Erik Erkhardt

Sports Carazing - Martin Thorpe, Richard Hill, John Ovens, Gary Skipp and Alex Jones

Vorsprung DHORC Technik (VDT) - Phil Rees, Paul Levers, Ryan Blake, Liam Smith, Martin Allsopp and Shloke Anand

Wrun Wragged - Back Row Tony Baldock, Andy Abbott, Dean Wragg, Front Steve Guard, Rob Heaton, Michael Ovens and Aaron Sheraman

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The Race Begins at 1300 Hours

The Grid lines up at 1250 hours with Ecurie Anglaise Ford GT40 on the far left in Lane 1, then Allsorts GT40, DHORC's GT40, MARC's GT40, Gixxers' Porsche 917, Wrun Wragged's 917, Sports Carazing'S GT40 and VDT's GT40

With just minutes to go many including Ryan took photos of the grid

Each teams first driver was in place five minutes before the start with two warm up laps taking place 2 minutes before the start.

The marshals were soon busy after the race had started

The Porsche Curves, one of the most satisfying part of the circuit, if you get it right!

Cliff Roythorne and Adrian Owen at Race Control

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Sleep was soon the only thing racers wanted to do

Alan Bullock hints that Paul Levers is asleep at the Ford Chicane…

Indeed he is and there were others including…..

….James Mellor…..

…Jonathon Reimels…

…John Ovens………

…John Chell………

…Gary Skipp………

….Rob Hayes……

….Alan Bullock….

….Terry Dingley….

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After 20 hours cars were still circling the Le Mans track

John Ovens felt much better after his sleep

As the race comes to an end the final two photos……

….of the live Le Mans track

With 30 seconds to go Tony Baldock slowed Wrun Wragged's lead car and all followed it across the line.

Michael Ovens receives his winners medal from the lovely Hannah from Rolls-Royce Leisure Association

Andy Abbot gets a hug as a well as a medal

Wrun Wragged sett a new World Record of 6,344 Laps, 380 miles beating last year's record by 33 laps

The cars lines up how the finished - 1. Wrun Wragged, 2. Sports Carazing, 3. MARC, 4.DHORC, 5.Gixxers, 6.VDT, 7.Ecurie Anglaise, 8. Allsorts

Rob Hayes and Nick Sismey after the event

Everything had to be packed away and loaded up on the truck that night

The final load before it was time for home, a meal and plenty of sleep!

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