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Hi guys

Just wondered if there where any Lamborghini Diablos beside the Autoart version as a kit or resin body?

Oh, and i'm after a winged version, maybe a FIA GT version! LOL!




If you have one any chance of a pic?
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QUOTE While the link above is a a very useful contact for keen collectors of obsolete cars, I can't help but notice, and feel honour bound to comment, that this establishment is offering at least two cars that are still available brand new from the Scalextric Enthusiasts Club via Racer Magazine. The mark up on these two cars, described as 'mint', is a full 50% more than the brand new price.
Tropi, you have totally lost me here. Which Diablos listed on which website are also available 50% cheaper in the Scalextric Racer mag????
Reading between the lines. I don't think Tropi is talking about the Diablos.
The only Diablo's listed on the slotcars site are
C127 Plain yellow - first ever Diablo released and now long obsolete
C283 Plain Black ex set car Diablo.
Special Edition 1 of only 100 Clear Diablo not a standard release
Range Presentation Gold Diablo 1 of 250 not a standard release.
Granted the last two are quite expensive as they were produced as very limited runs and never released on general sale. The first 2 listed are no more expensive than the price of a standard boxed car, which for a couple of cars that are now long since obsolete and in the conditions as listed are a fair price??
Perhaps Tropi is talking about the Caterhams? Which if Tropi knew the history would appreciate that when these were origionlly advertised in the Racer magazine you had to purchase a 'Scalextric' video with each Caterham. Hence if you wanted to collect all 3 Caterhams you had to buy 3 videos! They have subsequently been listed individually at a reduced price of 22.99 and more recently 19.99.
However, as a dealer this sort of thing happens every day. How many different prices have you seen on Fly cars recently? The prices on are not there to profiteer or rip anyone off. If they are too expensive then they won't sell will they.
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