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Hi guys

Just wondered if there where any Lamborghini Diablos beside the Autoart version as a kit or resin body?

Oh, and i'm after a winged version, maybe a FIA GT version! LOL!




If you have one any chance of a pic?
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While the link above is a a very useful contact for keen collectors of obsolete cars, I can't help but notice, and feel honour bound to comment, that this establishment is offering at least two cars that are still available brand new from the Scalextric Enthusiasts Club via Racer Magazine. The mark up on these two cars, described as 'mint', is a full 50% more than the brand new price.

A dealer is, of course, entitled to charge whatever he thinks he can make on anything he wishes to sell. But, once having seen what I consider to be such an exorbitant price, such dealers will never see the colour of my money, not for anything, not ever. But I am known to be a tight SOB!
Sean didn't take long to figure it out!
Yes, those not very popular Caterhams - somewhat over the top imho.
As I say, anyone can charge what they like for anything they like, but "caveat emptor".
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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