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Diana memorial Scalextric circuit

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The Guardian, today said:

"The fountain, a ring of bright water, is very nice. From a distance it looks a little like a giant Scalextric or miniature racing circuit, or a Disney-style water-splash ride for children, and, close up, it resembles a finely crafted drainage outlet from an Edwardian dam or waterworks..."

The cheek of it
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Sorry, going off topic here, I've been watching for a while and I feel it needs to be addressed.
Is it just me or is the ' MUFFIN MAN' photo, actually a photo of the real gingerbread man whos being interrogated/ tortured ( he's actaully laying on a baking tray having his legs broken off) in order to locate the muffin man?

sorry, you have to know stuff like this around here. Of the small supposed human child sitting on my lap seems to require clarification.

Come on Muffin, 'fess up!
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