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Did I pay over the top

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I got caught up in a ebay auction and bought these cars

I really wanted the mercedes CLKs

I think it was a reasonable price trying to convince my wife is a another matter maybe I should have a secret scalextric car fund lol

scalex cars
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9 quid a car isn't bad, is it? You might have got them cheaper elsewhere, but who cares, you've got them now.

Be disciplined with ebay, or you could end up in trouble lashing out too much dosh. Set a total price for the item and p&p in your mind and STICK TO IT. I've let loads of things go when they are reaching the "not such a bargain price anymore" bids. walk away and buy another time.

I love the CLKs, I've got the Scaley and Ninco version and have lots of fun with them, just banging in laps on my own. enjoy.

Embers post was sound advice. I was lucky, I fluked it and married a girl who is realistic about these things - she even spent £60 on me in Pendles when we were up there last week, knowing I was rat-arsed broke. And I didn't even ask her to!!!!! If that's not a good enough reason to hang on to Mrs Snurf, I don't know what is, bless her.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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