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Did I pay over the top

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I got caught up in a ebay auction and bought these cars

I really wanted the mercedes CLKs

I think it was a reasonable price trying to convince my wife is a another matter maybe I should have a secret scalextric car fund lol

scalex cars
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QUOTE (Ember @ 13 Aug 2012, 02:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I'd rather a simpler take on things.

1) Did you want them?
2) Can you afford them?
3) Are you happy with them?
4) Does buying them mean you can not pay bills or eat for the next week?

If you answered yes to the first three and no to the last one, then all is well and whatever price you paid is fine.


Now thats standard female reasoning ...

My check sheet answers for purchase are:

1. Did you want them ? Yes
2. Can you afford them ? Probably not but see above.
3. Will you be happy with them ? probably ... after I rebuild them.
4. Can you slip it into the wifes balance spreadsheet without it appearing too obvious and disclose it at an opportune time when she is in a good mood ? This needs to be a yes, or it is just not worth risking !
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