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Did you go to Goodwood?

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I went to/have been to Goodwood Revial or Festival..
this year1135.48%
not this year, but at least once before825.81%
never, but hope to go1032.26%
never have and probably never will26.45%
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Hmmm, not a big response so far so I guess that speaks volumes - or maybe folk just surf here in their work time!!

Personally, I'm a Festival man; I think you get a better spread of machinery. I loved the Raid Trucks this year. Very different.
Ah, ha! Now there's a man who reads the 'time of posting' bit...unlike some I could mention. Ahem.

Well done, that man.

I guess Scott only got home a wee while ago.
In defence of the Festival I think branding it an automotive trade show a tad harsh.

The two events are both celebrations of the internal combustion engine and whilst one straddles the years from invention to date, the other focuses roughly on a period in time. And as Scott says, one group of regular attendees are a sub-set of the other.

Personally I wouldn't fork out for the Revival but will keep going back to the Festival whenever I can - my ears are still ringing from straying to close to the BMW M1 in the paddock as they blatted the throttle and warmed her up. Bliss
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The Festival is all ticket now. I went on the Saturday and whilst there were a lot of folks there, I wouldn't say there were too many. I reckon they've got the allocation about right.

Not sure if the Revival is ticket only.
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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