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Did you go to Goodwood?

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I went to/have been to Goodwood Revial or Festival..
this year1135.48%
not this year, but at least once before825.81%
never, but hope to go1032.26%
never have and probably never will26.45%
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In my humble opinion the Festival and the Revival are two very different events and shouldn't be combined in the poll as it will confuse the results.

The Revival is all about serious classic circuit racing in a great period setting, the Festival is an open air automobile trade show with demonstration runs, I think a good majority of the public will only go to one or the other of these events.

John and Wankel - Apparently this years all ticket Festival resulted in the Friday being the busiest day as a lot of people tried to book up for the traditionally quieter day. That presumably is why Saturday was comfortable for Wankel and Friday was too busy for John. No doubt the organisers will learn from this and tweek the daily allocations for next year.

1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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