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Did you go to Goodwood?

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I went to/have been to Goodwood Revial or Festival..
this year1135.48%
not this year, but at least once before825.81%
never, but hope to go1032.26%
never have and probably never will26.45%
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Just curious, how many of you went to Goodwood this year or have been before?

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

I 'll add Festival as option.
I know Festival and Revival are very differentevents (although I suspect the people who attend the latter are a sub-set of the former). My quetsion is designed to find out how many SlotForum-ists go to Goodwood events.

Goodwood has a place at the heart of Scalextric (i.e it was close to the old factory, provided the basis for the old buildings and accessories and has been the USP on both of Hornby's recent limited editions.

I'm interested to know how many slot car fans go along becasue I think it will be an intersting result, not least for Hornby (a sponsor of both events), Scale Models (the only slot car retailer at the events) and might provide the background info to launch a Goodwood slot car related event in conjunction with the event. I mean, if there are 20-30 SlotForum people there, why not a slot car race/meeting on the Saturday evening.

All we need is a big tent, some track and generator...
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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