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Did you go to Goodwood?

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I went to/have been to Goodwood Revial or Festival..
this year1135.48%
not this year, but at least once before825.81%
never, but hope to go1032.26%
never have and probably never will26.45%
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I attended the Revival for the first time this year because I was lucky my good friend Dr. P. invited me to go as his mechanic/assistant.

I also went to Festival in 2000 and they are indeed very different events with different flavors.

I was really impressed by the complete ambiance of the Revival. Getting ready to attend it was a real chore to find some of the period clothing required but once there I can see how it adds to the charm of the event.

It was fantastic to see the old buildings Scalextric had used to model their range of buildings.

To support both our hobby and this great event I bought the Scalextric Maserati and Vanwalls as momentos of my wonderful visit even though they were much more costly than if I bought them in the U.S.
Hey Rich,
I would have thought your normal clothes would have been just fine for the Revival

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John and Wankel - Apparently this years all ticket Festival resulted in the Friday being the busiest day as a lot of people tried to book up for the traditionally quieter day. That presumably is why Saturday was comfortable for Wankel and Friday was too busy for John. No doubt the organisers will learn from this and tweek the daily allocations for next year.

gentlemen I believe the attendance figure was 97000 at the Revival. (or so I am Informed) I cannot think of a better race meeting to attend. I am a yearly visitor to the 24 hours at Le Mans and for a number of years in the past (when they actually raced on the track) to most of the European F1 meetings. They dont compare for excitement crowd involvement or sheer spectacle. Roll on 05.
QUOTE the period clothing required

(Fergy moves away from desk and inventories current attire - mocassins, denim shorts, Gilles Villeneuve t-shirt, and Labatt's Blue ball cap)

Good thing I didn't go! I think this is the oldest stuff I have!
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21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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