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Different Dunlap bridges

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Hi,heres ,8 different Dunlap bridges made over the years around the world by different slot car companies.The cars shown with the bridges are also made by those same companies. 1-UK early rubber bridge by Scalextric, 2-France heavy vac C24 bridge, 3-UK Minic HO bridge, 4-France 1/40th Jouef bridge, 5-USA Monogram bridge, 6-UK Scalextric bridge, 7-German Carrera bridge with lapcounter, 8-USA Eldon bridge with timer & lapcounter. Thanks,Bernard
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Nice collection of bridges Bernard ... thanks for posting them all

I'm lucky enough to have the rubber Scaley and Minic bridges myself.

The one from Monogram has always been a little ellusive, for me anyway.
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