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(Fergy - where is "here" in your post?)

A lot of good points posted.

I think the European slot culture is part of the reason that slots has remained big. Its a sliding scale; a couple of kids have Scaley and join their sets up to race on a bigger track. Another kid, more track, more serious, rules appear. More people, regular venue bigger track...etc etc Its an evolutionary path with entities at all stages of evolution all over the place.

Here in the US it was all commercial tracks after a while. Stiff competition, money wins, new people intimidated and/or priced out. Hobby all but dies out.

When we set up we wanted to have a shop ( so that racers could get stuff they needed there and then, and so we could pay the rent), but we also wanted a club to house the track we had built.

We try to keep the club as a seperate entity from the company. is no democracy. I wnat the members to be happy, but there is no voting. There are times when the members don't always know whats best in the long term! It sounds awful, but its sadly true. Example? We set the rules. We wnat to limit the expense, prep time and cost to stay in the realms of as many budgets as possible. The engineer-racers don't think they wnat this, but without there would be fewer racers, then less race fees, less shop sales, no rent money and then no track.

Our club is housed in our shop. You practice for free while we are open if you have your own car and controller. You pay $2.50 for Friday night race fee. You don't have to shop in our shop or anything (although we would prefer it).

The way I figure it, I wnat a big track to play on. I have four now, plus lots of people to race with. The shop supports the club which supports the hobby which supports the shop, and the whole time I have somewhere decent to play.

I think the difference is clear in the dictionary definition. A group of people who go out for a drink isn't really organised. If the same group had a pre-set purpose, some inidication of the costs of membership and the benefits of membership, maybe a website...I think thats what "organised" means.

Our club has a pre-set purpose - to provide a venue for people who want to race slot cars, and hang out with other racers, collectors and builders of slot cars. Its open to anyone to join unless they behave badly. And I think we have a clear definition of costs and benefits, and I would say we are pretty organised. I just counted - I make it 142 members. We are in Houston, Texas.
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