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Not meaning to be a bully but Tropi, you missed this little gem;
QUOTE Digital, the chances are the cars might re-slot themselves if they stay on their wheels and coast across a corner, or bounce off a barrier and back into the outside lane...

Oh, yeah. That's really going to happen.

[Edit]I mean, it's really going to happen so much that either you don't worry so much about the crashes or you won't be giving marshals more work to do.[/Edit]

Eno is kinda right, nothing really meaningful can be said until the product is out there; but SCX is and the races we had weren't pretty (I can only see Scaley being a different style of carnage) but as long as folks dream of digital crashes being self-marshalling then carp will continue to be posted from both sides of the arguement.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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