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QUOTE (Midas the King @ 24 Aug 2004, 19:29)There won't be a standard. You see it allready now. One likes Carrera the other likes Ninco and someone likes Scalex and list goes on... Manufacturers does differend tracks all the time and conserning their digital development they will not have any intresses to integrate their newest inventions to someone others protocol- There is no economical sense to offer "converter" for some others protocol.

If there will be standard it will be developed by opensource community and after short while manufacturers will be forced to join the standard. This has happened in many other area than slotcars many times.

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As said before Davic is potentially The Standard.
It works on every track system, every car, and is built by an independant brand.
The problem is that Cric-crac, (the distributor) seems to be... dead !
Has anybody got infos about prices, release dates ?

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